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BreakOut Benny

BreakOut Benny is based on the classic BreakOut game of the late 70s.

The frist version was created for the PC back in 1992. This version has been re-written for the Android.

The aim of the game, is to destroy all the floating tiles by hitting them with the ball. Benny is armed with a paddle to hit the ball but if you miss the ball and it hits the floor you lose a life.

During the game you will also need to avoid weapons fire from UFOs, Astroids, Sharks and yes Baked Bean tins.

Collecting hearts will give you extra lifes and hitting switchies will open or close doors.

Over all BreakOut Benny is abit of fun and a reboot of a classic arcade game.

Half Price Sale

Game by David Illman (  \  Music by Eric Matyas (

The aim of the game is to halve all the items for sale in the shop within the time given. Use your finger to cut the items in half. You will however, have to hit your daily target or the game is over. Be warned, not all the items are safe to halve.

See if you can last the month and make it, to a well-earned break.

Currently only on Kindle Fire

BSL Wordz

Game by David Illman ( 

BSL Wordz is a basic game of anagrams. However, unlike normal anagrams, you can choose to play with standard letter tiles or tiles based on the British Sign Language (BSL) alphabet.

The aim of the game is to score as many points as you can in the time you have by spelling words from the letters that are given to you. Just move the letters onto the shelf to spell out the word you think it’s looking for. Guess the right word and you will get points and extra time to try another one.  But be careful how you place your tiles on the shelf. If they touch, they will knock each other off the shelf and cost you time.

BSL Wordz contains over 80,000 words of different sizes. You can select the size of the word you want to play or select a random option if you are feeling brave.

Kids mode – contains a low number of words, but each word has an image associated with it to help kids work out what the anagram is. Future updates will include more words and images.





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