Games @ JellyFish

Below are a few games that I have made for the PC along time ago. Their not epic's but they are free to download.



Breakout is a classical game. You have to get rid of all the stones by hitting them with the ball. But Breakout Benny has some surprises for you: moving stones, double bats, etc. Not to mention that it also stars my youngest bro Benny




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BSL Word'z is a very simple game. The Aim of it is to score as many points as you can in the time you have by spelling words from the letter's that are given to you on each round. During each round a word is randomly chosen and scrambled. Word'z contains over 80,000 words.

The difference with this version of Wordz, is that the letters are shown in British Sign Language format. If you dont know the BSL signs for the alphabet don't worry as I have included a help page that will help you learn them.





This is a small game but fun to play. Using the mouse move the coloured squares, left and right, to form rows. If three or more squares of the same colour are chained together,they dissapear. The longer the row the more points you get. The square's will fall faster and faster so you must '''rush'''. Because if you dont the squares will fill the screen and the game will end.



Bobs n Babys



This game is based on the old tic tac toe or 0 and x game. To play the game just take it in turn to click on the square area of the game board where you want to your Bob's or Baby's put . The first person to get 3 bobs or babys in a row wins



Bible Quiz v5



The Bible Quiz is part of the Quiz Master game series from DnS Binary Systems. This is the latest version to date and unlike older version comes with a one player game option. The Zip file contains 3 programs that make up this game.






Wordz is a basic game but is great practise for kids and adults alike. Simply rearrange the letters to spell out a word. The range of word lengths can be adjusted for the users needs.





Global is a traditional game like PacMan with a few extra bits n bobs in it. The goal of this game is to remove all dots & stars by getting Global to eat them . Having said that, on some levels just surviving is the aim. Monsters try to eat you so you should avoid them. Their are 17 game levels broken down into 6 main areas or worlds are ; The PacMan Maze, The Mummy level, The Big Maze levels, Space and then last the Labyrinth & Chaos. In this PacMan version you even get to blow things up.






Sid is based on the classic 'snakes' game from the early 80's. The aim of the game is to eat up all the fruit on each level. In this version you have to eat a set amount to exit that level. The amount is shown at the bottom of the screen. You score extra points for eating the Dragon Fly and extra lifes from eating butterflys, if you can catch them. Watch out for the childrens football, water, killer bats and other snakes, as these will harm you. Also avoid contact with any walls you see. And try not to eat your own tail.